Portfolio - Laura Lyn Photography


Although I have only been selling photos for about 5 years, I have been photographing from a pretty early age.  When I was around eight my mom took my brother and I out to the Grand Canyon.  It was there, my first National Park, where I went through over 12 disposable cameras photographing the beauty I was seeing.  I saved up my money for a few years to buy my first 35mm camera.  I was pretty excited walking into the camera shop and selecting my new artistic instrument to capture the world around me!  About 6 months later I remember watching a commercial for DSLRs.  With that commercial came a new era to photography.  I saved up again and purchased a DSLR when I was in college.  I didn't have a whole lot of time to pursue a business in photography until I was in graduate school.  I took photos of what wildlife was in the middle of nowhere Illinois and some family and action photography.  

After my first year of Graduate School I got married and we spent our honeymoon in Alaska.  This is where I truly fell in love with the state.  It's beauty was beyond describable and the photos, even though I tried, did not fully give the scenery justice.  A year and a half later I applied to an internship in Fairbanks.  Without much hesitation, I accepted and we moved on up!  Since then we have tried to see and experience as much of Alaska as possible.

 I am for the most part self-taught.  I did have a few classes in high school in film photography.  I think film photography is a beautiful process that I would love to keep alive someday.  I currently am photograph with DSLRs to capture the world, life, and wildlife around me.  My passion is wildlife photography but I enjoy scenery and real-life/natural photography.  I truly love capturing the intimate moments of wildlife and bringing to light the animal's true nature.  I have probably photographed Alaska's brown or grizzly bears the most.  I also photograph real estate properties for sale and rent in the Fairbanks area.  When I can I also enjoy photographing families, babies, pets, events, and seniors.  I am more of a natural photographer and tend not to be super "posey" with my clients.  My goal is to capture the true spirit and personality of my client, not just prompting the client into positions that are uncomfortable for them.  I currently have two dogs and a cat.  All of which have to deal with getting their photos taken very often!              


1. 100 DAYS OF DENALII am working on a challenge to spend 100 days in Denali from January 2017-December 2017.  I hope to capture the life and seasonal changes that occur in the park as the park celebrates it's centennial birthday!  Last year was the centennial birthday of the National Park System with a slogan of "Find Your Park."  I have found mine in Denali and am excited to see how this challenge develops!